Up and coming: Cyril Hahn

It seems like Cyril Hahn is popping up everywhere as of late, but the traction he’s gaining should come as no surprise. All you have to do is listen to his electrifying remix of the Destiny’s Child classic ‘Say My Name’ to realize his potential at becoming master-class in the realm of remixes, and with plugs from BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, a Radio 1 essential mini-mix and a European tour with sold out shows, it’s easy to see just how quickly Cyril Hahn is becoming a household name. The key to Swiss born, Canadian Hahn’s success seems to be the melding of urban/R&B/pop fodder with electro infused, deep house beats, a combination of mainstream and indie ambience that while still may be too much for your average top 40 aficionado, is almost impossible to deny. Remixes of Solange, Jessie Ware, Haim and Gabrielle Alpin further prove Hahn’s original and innovative approach to re-producing pop hits.  It’s the electronic transformation of these songs without a complete loss of context that make his remixes so contagious but yet not out of place; in short, they make sense. Having just been signed to PMR records, original material from Hahn comes highly anticipated, and if his previous work is any indication of his capabilities, the possibility of success is imminent.

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