Up and coming: Haim

Not since the age of bleach blonde perms and high wasted neon leggings have the words ‘that’s so 80s’ been such a compliment. But with the highly questionable fashion trends infiltrating east London in the form of hipsters garb reminiscent of a late eighties music video, it seemed only a matter of time before the sound of the eighties returned as well. The difference is, the music is actually good. Cue Californian sisters Haim, a delightful new pop trio gaining traction in the UK with help from the BBC Sound of 2013, which they won earlier this year. Having already toured with Mumford & Sons and Florence + the Machine, sisters Este, Danielle and Alana have gained substantial exposure in the live music circuit as openers for some of the UKs biggest names. Their sound is catchy and high energy with characteristically 80s guitar and drum instrumentation complete with short staccato and rolling melodies. Mixing in powerful yet smooth, R&B-laden vocals recalls girl groups Wilson Phillips and the Bangles. Their long haired, short shorts, red-lipstick aesthetic strays little from their sound. With an album debuting later this year, Haim looks set to fulfil the prophecy as the Sound of 2013, bringing back the 80s in the best way possible. With frequent airplay on Radio One, their catchy single Falling is the type of sound I hope to hear more of this summer!

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