Podcast Ep. 4- Emo rock and indie folk with Brian W.

All the way from Austin, Texas, Brian Westfall joins me this week in Barcelona to talk about the girl that drove him to emo music, picking up the drums, and the intrinsic link between music and film. Download Episode 4 on iTunes, or listen below via Soundcloud. Featured Tracks: 1. Brand New- Mix Tape 2….

Podcast Ep. 3- Brit rock and indie folk with Sançar S.

Sançar Sahin, big-wig Typeform marketer, talks to me about discovering music in his mom’s attic, the origins of the silent disco, and how living in Manchester inspired his love of live music. Download Episode 3 on iTunes, or listen below via Soundcloud. Featured tracks: 1. The Kinks- Waterloo Sunset 2. The Wilderness of Manitoba- Orono…

Podcast Ep. 2- Grunge and Psychedelic with James C.

James Clifton, frontman of Barcelona-based punk band Dirty Dicks, talks to me about growing up with grunge in Australia, his love of mix tapes, and his band’s risque logo choice. Download Episode 2 on iTunes, or listen below via Soundcloud. Featured tracks: 1. Killing in the Name – Rage Against the Machine 2. Rattlesnake –…

Podcast Ep. 1- Oakland & Rap with Jimmy F.

This week, I’ll speak with friend Jimmy Flores about the influence that growing up in California had on his penchant for rap music, his childhood aspirations for ‘oochie coochie’, and what makes him feel like a G-O-D. Download now on iTunes, or listen on Soundcloud below. Featured tracks: 1. Oochie Coochie – MC Brains 2….

Podcast: Music on Repeat

Consider this: you’ll never find two people with the exact same playlist. No matter how similar your taste in music might be to someone else’s, there’ll never be an exact match. A playlist is like musical DNA, each song telling a unique story and eliciting a different emotion from every individual listener. My love of music…