Podcast: Music on Repeat

Consider this: you’ll never find two people with the exact same playlist. No matter how similar your taste in music might be to someone else’s, there’ll never be an exact match. A playlist is like musical DNA, each song telling a unique story and eliciting a different emotion from every individual listener.

My love of music and my fascination with the meaning people attribute to it made me curious. I know which songs I can’t live without, but what about everyone else?

That’s what Music On Repeat is all about– a conversation with music listeners, creators, and die-hard fans, talking about the songs that mean the most to them.

Each episode, I’ll have a different guest prepared to talk about two songs which have influenced their tastes in music, going into detail about the stories that helped form these binding musical ties.

I’ll post the podcast to the blog each week with a link to the featured songs, but make sure to subscribe to Music on Repeat on iTunes and Stitcher so that you don’t miss an episode.

You can also check me out on Soundcloud.

Check out the Music On Repeat playlist on Spotify for all the tracks featured in each episode.


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