Podcast Ep. 8- Say Bonjour to Monsieur Shwill

Suzie Q talks to artist Monsieur Shwill (aka. Louis R.) about his musical reawakening via Donny Hathaway, the influence of Jimi Hendrix on learning the guitar, and his career path towards becoming a composer. Check it out below or download the episode on iTunes and Stitcher. Also, make sure to check out the awesome Monsieur…

Podcast Ep. 7- Bowie, Barcelona, and Ballads with Freddie B.

In this episode, Suzie Q. talks to Freddie B. about his recurring connection to Bowie, Barcelona’s most rocking club, and the long, loooong drive to high school rocking out to Jimmy Eat World. Download Episode 7 on iTunes and Stitcher, or listen on Soundcloud below. Featured tracks: 1. David Bowie- Heroes 2. Jimmy Eat World- 23 Header: Source