Podcast Ep. 21 – Lockdown life with Miguel Gistau

We’ve all been there are some point or another over the past year: lockdown. But can you say you recorded your debut album while hunkered down in your flat battling a global pandemic? Miguel Gistau can. In Episode 21 of Music on Repeat, Suzie Q. talks to the Peruvian guitarrista about how the lockdown inspired him to finally sit down and record his first album. We also delve into the antiquated idea of music genres, not to mention the two songs that inspired Miguel to strum to the tune of his own guitar.

Check out Episode 21 of Music on Repeat below, or download it on iTunes and Stitcher (or wherever you get your podcasts).

Download Miguel Gistau’s self-titled debut album on Bandcamp, or listen on Spotify.

Check out the Music On Repeat playlist on Spotify for the featured tracks from every episode.

Featured tracks from Episode 21:

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