Podcast Ep. 22 – Gettin’ bad and boujee with DEJA

DEJA’s come a long way since belting out Whitney Houston classics into a broomstick from her parents living room. This Birmingham-born, London-based artist is making her mark on the R&B pop scene thanks to a whole lot of determination, and a whole lot of talent.

In Episode 22 of Music On Repeat, Suzie Q. talks to up-and-coming DEJA about her shift from dancing to singing, the importance of working with a dream team, and how the strong women in her life taught her to be a bad ass bitch.

Check out Episode 22 of Music on Repeat below, or listen on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen to Wishin’ and DEJA’s debut EP ‘Intro’ over on Spotify.

Check out the Music On Repeat playlist for the featured tracks from every episode.

Featured tracks from Episode 22:

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