Podcast: Music on Repeat

Music On Repeat is a podcast about music, a conversation with music listeners, creators, and die-hard fans talking about the songs that have shaped their taste in music.

Each episode, I’ll have a different guest prepared to talk about two songs which have influenced their tastes in music, going into detail about the stories that helped form these binding musical ties. Check me out on iTunes under Music On Repeat, or on Soundcloud under suzieblaszq.

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Radio: Indie Hour with Suzie Q.

Indie Hour with Suzie Q. is a weekly radio show on Barcelona City FM 107.3, Barcelona’s English-language radio station.

During each hour, Suzie Q. recommends one indie artist, honing in on their history and music catalogue to give you a taste of some of the best new (and sometimes not so new) artists to look out for.  The hour is rounded out with music news, the weird band name of the week, and of course, indie tracks from a ton of other artists.

You can check it out live on Wednesdays at 12pm CET at barcelonacityfm.com or at mixcloud.com/suzieblaszkiewicz/.

Check out all the episodes here