Podcast Ep. 13- Metal fans are people too, with Taylor S.

Suzie Q. sits down with smooth-talking Texan Taylor Short to chat about his fave prog rock band The Mars Volta, and why metal fans are just like you and me (except for the death metalheads in Norway– they’re nuts). Check out the episode below or download it on iTunes and Stitcher, and scroll down for the featured tracks…

Podcast Ep. 11- Hip Hop and Politics with Toni N.

Growing up in a small village in Catalunya to hippy parents, Toni didn’t know what hit him when he first heard rap music. From finding a new voice (and language), to learning about the complicated connection between rap and politics, Suzie Q. talks to once- aspiring rapper Toni N. aka. Dapress about all things hip-hop….

Podcast Ep. 10- Spanish Songs and Indie Influences with Abel B.

Suzie Q talks to the human “Discover Weekly”, Abel Bueno, about Spanish break-up songs, why Malaga used to be the hot place for indie music, and how even Canadian indie artists are inspired by the Costa del Sol. Check out the episode below or download on iTunes and Stitcher. Featured tracks: Los Planetas- Un Buen Dia 2. Destroyer-…

Podcast Ep. 9- Techno and House with DJ Jon R.

Suzie Q. talks to DJ and artist Jon R. about his early days with the Pet Shop Boys, why he doesn’t use Spotify, and how Shazaam has kinda ruined DJ’ing. Check out the episode below or download on iTunes and Stitcher. You can listen to Jon’s most recent set on Mixcloud, and check out his artwork on Tumblr….