Indie Hour Ep. 16 – ROSALÍA

This week on Indie Hour, I’m featuring the Spanish sounds of this year’s “it” girl, ROSALÍA. Learn about her Barcelona roots, her modern Flamenco sound, and me rolling my r’s like whoa.

Indie Hour Ep. 15 – The Horrors

In celebration of the most ghoulish day of the year, I’ll give you the lowdown on The Horrors, a brief history of Halloween, and my Primavera Club 2018 recap.

Indie Hour Ep. 14 – Octavian

I’m going underground to the London hip-hop scene this week with one of the UK’s hottest up-and-comers, Octavian, putting his own unique twist on the London hip-hop scene.

Indie Hour Ep. 13 – Snail Mail

This week, we’re going offline to talk about Snail Mail, the young singer from the Baltimore area drawing comparisons to Liz Phair and making waves on the indie music scene.

Indie Hour Ep. 12 – boy pablo

This week on Indie Hour, I go up to the frigid North, where boy pablo is trying to raise temperatures with his warm, sweet indie sounds.