Podcast Ep. 16 – ‘Creating moments, not music’ with Nils H.

Nils H. aka. DJ Nil sits down with Suzie Q. to talk about the German music scene, the uphill battle of bringing house to D.C., and why DJ’ing is more about creating a moment than making music. Check out episode 16, or download it on iTunes and Stitcher. Scroll down for the featured tracks from the episode, and…

Indie Hour Ep. 3 – The Blaze

In honour of France winning the World Cup, this episode is all about The Blaze, a french duo making electronic music and music videos that are more like mini-movies. 

Indie Hour Ep. 2 – Yellow Days

Yellow Days is probably one of my favourite artists of 2018, and this week is all about 19 year old George George Van de Broek and his soulful tracks. In weird band names, we’ve got one very literal description of coming up with a band name, and in music news, a Canadian superstar breaks more…

Indie Hour Ep. 1

In the inaugural episode of Indie Hour with Suzie Q., I’ll play you some of my favourite indie tracks of 2018 (and a couple of throwbacks too).